Benefits of Reading to Your Baby

Benefits of Reading to Your Baby


You may be thinking it is too early to read to your baby.  But guess what?  It isn’t!  You can read to them starting the day they are born. There are so many wonderful benefits of reading to your little one and these benefits are endless.  All these benefits will be having you rushing to your local library or checking out some online books.

It promotes early language. Reading early to your little one helps with language development.  They are starting to hear words and understand sounds.  Just hearing your voice is calming to them.  Even when they goo-goo and gaa-gaa back, respond to them as if they said something you understood.  The back and forth of communication can help promote that early language.  When they hear and see you respond, this gives them the incentives to promote their language.

Bedtime stories create wonderful routines.  When you read a bedtime story every night as part of your routine, this helps your little one settle down and signals their brain that it is time for bedtime.  Their bodies will start to understand the routine and settle for bedtime more quickly.  Try reading them the same story every night.  Not only do babies love repetition but this will also help them understand that it’s time for bedtime.

It’s a beautiful bonding time.  Taking the moment to read with your little one is a great bonding experience. Spending that time, solely focus on your little one is not only good for the soul but it is also so good for their brain.  A child learns best when they are bonded with their parents.  When they know they are loved and safe, this is when the best brain development happens.  Not only does reading to your child every day create great bonds, but it also creates lasting memories that they will hold on to forever.

It helps them understand life lessons. It is hard for toddlers to understand why they feel the way they do, how to put it in words or how to solve these problems.  This is why parents are so familiar with a toddler tantrum.  Reading books gives them a better understanding of their feelings and how to solve problems. When a familiar story is shared, young children have the ability to see themselves in those characters creating empathy.  They can imagine what it would be like to be in someone else’s shoes.  This skill is so important to learn in little ones.

It opens up their imagination and creativity.  Books are wonderful things.  They take you on adventures, introduce you to new characters and help you explore just about anything.  Reading to your children helps them engage their imagination and creativity.  They can come up with their own worlds and situations.  This helps exercise their creative muscle.

Remember that reading a story doesn’t necessarily have to be starting from the beginning and ending at the end of the story.  Reading to your little one can look like just talking about what is going on the page, or letting your child flip back and forth through the book.  As long as your child is engaged and having fun, then let them set the pace!  It helps make reading fun and an experience they want to have every day.