Throwing A Successful 1st Birthday Party

Throwing a Successful 1st Birthday Party


Let’s be honest.  A child’s 1st birthday celebration is not a party for said chubby-cheeked newly appointed one year old.  They are too young to express they aren’t really into Elmo or that they would much prefer a party to take place around 5am because that’s their favorite time of day to play.  Sure, we will have photos and videos to show them when they are older.  Proof that we did throw them a 1st birthday, even though they don’t have a single memory from it. 

So, let’s call it what it really is: a celebration for you.  You have survived your first year with your child! You may have a bit more grey hair and a bit more immune to dirty nappies, but you made it!  One year down, 17 more to go.  Here are our tips on throwing a successful 1st birthday party that is both fun and low stress on you.

Choose a time that works well for your baby.  Sure, it may be during brunch or an early afternoon but choosing a time that works for your child will not only elevate some stress from you, but you can also ensure a happy baby with happy baby smiles for their birthday party.  Don’t feel weird about doing a early birthday or late afternoon birthday.  Pick what works for your family.

Keep the party time short and sweet.  It is always a good idea to end on a positive note.  The longer the party, the more opportunities for meltdowns to hit.  2 hours is a great amount of time.  Parents of little ones will also appreciate the timing of the birthday party as well. 

If possible, try and host your party at home.  This is where your little one feels the safest. There may be new faces coming to the party and your little one can feel a bit overwhelmed with everyone wanting to wish him/her a happy birthday.  Having a 1st birthday in the place they feel the safest can help ensure the party will go smoothly.  And if your little one is feeling overwhelmed, their room is right there for them to be put down for a quick nap.

Have 1 or 2 back up outfits for their big day.  Want to make sure your little one looks their best throughout their day?  Have 1 to 2 back up outfits.  You never know when they may have a nappy blow out or spit up on their birthday outfit.  It’s better to be prepared.  Make sure you have a couple of options just in case.

Pick a theme.  You don’t want to have a party that has dinosaur plates, Sesame Street banners, and train cake.  You want to have a party to be cohesive and well, you want it to look well planned.  When you have a theme, all the other decisions are a bit easier.  You know what type of decorations to use and what kind of cake to order.  When you pick a theme, think of one that your child likes.  Do they seem to gravitate to trains?  Do they smile when they see Mickey Mouse?  When you have a theme, it also makes gift-giving a bit easier for your guests.  If you choose a dinosaur theme, expect some toy dinosaur presents.  Be sure to choose your theme wisely.

Remember to have fun.  While we want everything to be perfect, it is more important to ensure that your child is having a great time.  It’s okay if not everything goes as plan.  Remember this celebration is about you too!  Congrats on making it through the first year!