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Classic Mobile Into the Forest

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Classic Mobile is a crib mobile that plays charming melodies to soothe your baby. This musical mobile plays up to 20 minutes of non-repetitive classic melodies (3 different tunes) and has black and white spirals that visually stimulate baby's development. Convert this Tiny Love mobile into a stand-alone music box when the time for mobiles is over, for more fun when your little one grows older. The baby cot mobile promotes baby's development and stimulates the following developmental wonders: emotional intelligence, fine motor skills, senses, language and communication and cognition. Classic Mobile is part of the Into the Forest collection, introducing your baby to the wonderful forest. Box Contains 1 x Stand Alone Musical Box 1 x Connector Arch 1 x Rotating Mobile with Toys and Black & White Spiralled Canopies 1 x Manual