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Cuskiboo 100% Bamboo Baby Comforter Creamee-Boo

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Cuskiboo is a simple, naturally safe alternative comforter/sleeping aid. It is made from organically grown bamboo rayon. Cuskiboo is ultra soft & absorbent and has the unique ability to capture mummy's or daddy's own special scent. Keep Cuskiboo close to your skin for a few days, place it down your top and/or sleep with it in your bed and it will take in all your unique aromas and scents. These scents will stay with Cuskiboo so that when the time comes to settle your little one down to sleep, pop Cuskiboo in too and the closeness of you will stay with baby as they drift off to sleep, leaving them to feel secure and comforted. Cuskiboo is approved for use in UK hospital;s with its own NHS protocol. Washable at 30C 0+ mths