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Miniboo Bamboo Baby Comforter 2 Pack Creamee

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Cuski Miniboo helps with the very important bonding process with small babies. Smell is the first sense a baby develops and the Cuski Minboo has been developed to help babies smell their Mummy's familar and comforting scents. Keep Cuski close to your skin before passing it on to your baby - you can tuck it into your top at feed times or sleep times or take Cuski to bed with you - and it will take in all your unique aromas and scents. These scents will stay with Cuski so that when the time comes to settle your little one down to sleep, pop Cuski in too and the closeness of you will stay with baby as they drift off to sleep, leaving them secure and comforted. Cuski Miniboo is used in NICU & SCBU hospital wards in the UK with its very own NHS protocol used as part of the very important development care undertaken with new births. Use from prem to 3 months only. It is recommended that babies graduate to a full size Cuski after 3 months. Recyclable gift box with photo frame included Features: - Suitable from birth - Creates healthy sleep patterns - Comforts and soothes your baby to sleep - Simple, safe, functional, consistant - Eco-friendly, bio-degradable, anti-bacterial - Ultr-soft with unique concept - Rayon made from organically grownbamboo - Fully machine washable